Brooklands Hotel – a great Surrey Wedding Venue

My first ever contact with Brooklands Hotel was a few years ago when together with another photographer, who happens to be my good friend, we did a styled photo shoot for Hotel’s wedding brochure. I remember walking into the foyer and immediately thinking how beautiful and modern the style of this place is. The wooden piece of art hanging from the ceiling particularly caught my eye. I instantly decide to definitely include it in a frame. I just love the art deco interior. It gives another dimension and edge to such a special event like wedding. All the motor racing fans could get inspired by the fact that Brooklands Hotel is set in the heart of the historic Brooklands estate where the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit was opened in 1907.

I am proud to be a preferred wedding supplier at Brooklands Hotel and I wanted to share my images from different weddings and styled shoots that best showcase this great wedding venue.

I always start my wedding assignment at bridal preparations. For those who have their registrar ceremony at the hotel, it is perfect as I can shoot bride’s and groom’s preparations at the same time. The bridal suite is so specious that it can accommodate the whole bridal party, make-up/hair artists and it still feels like there is a lot of space around. It is very bright here and this gives me a great opportunity to take creative details shots and beautiful portraits using the natural light that comes through the large windows. The suite also has a large balcony, which I tend to use for family and friends shots later in the day.

001-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 004-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 006-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 007-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography045-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 007a-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 008-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 009-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography

The Napier Suite gives me plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful moments happening during the wedding ceremony. Again, lots of natural light coming through the large windows is very helpful.

011-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 013-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 014-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 015-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 016-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 026-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography

No matter what wedding theme you will go for, what colours you choose, it goes perfectly with the contemporary design of Brooklands or Napier Suite. Here are a few examples for your inspiration.

010-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 012-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 017-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography


I love the large lobby area with the bar. When the guests mingle holding their drinks, it is the perfect time for me to do the reportage.


I also like the idea of the private entrance. Having it laid with the red carpet adds an extra luxury feel to it.



There are a few spots that I use for family/friends shots. My favourite one is on the balcony that could be accessed via bridal suite.


023-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography041-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 031-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography

After I have covered all the family and friends shots it is time for bride and groom photo shoot. This is the moment when we can create some romantic images that could be framed or printed in the album. I always help my couples who don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera by giving them directions. Using different spots around the venue allows me to have variety of shots and we don’t have to worry about the weather!

018-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 020-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 021-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 022-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 024-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 025-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 027-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 028-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography042-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography 029-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography038-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography046-brooklands-hotel-wedding-photography

I finished the day after the first dance. It is always a joy to see couples celebrating their first dance as husband and wife. Spacious rooms at Brooklands Hotel give me a perfect opportunity to move around and capture this intimate moments happening between bride and groom.


Hope you got inspired by the variety of wedding images taken at the Brooklands Hotel. If you would like to enquiry about my photography service, please click here.

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