Dancing through Surrey – Rhianna Smith – Guildford

Dancing through Surrey – Guildford

Next stop for my Dancing through Surrey project was Guildford. I met with Rhianna on Saturday morning early in April and outlined the plan for our shoot. Guildford is one of my favourite places in Surrey and I am also very sentimental about it. This is where my adventure in the UK started 15 years ago. My husband and myself lived nearby, in Newlands Corner, and that was our first base to explore Surrey from.

High Street

The first thing you notice when you stand in the middle of the Guildford High Street is the Guildhall with its iconic clock. It was constructed in 14th century and it is now one of the city’s landmarks. A perfect spot to start the shoot! Rhianna is a very strong and elegant dancer and I had this shot of her jumping and checking the time on her watch in mind. I deliberately chose to shoot in the morning, before the shops open, as I wanted the street to be less busy than during the commercial hours. Rhianna jumped a few times and we got a perfect frame. I called it “Time is now”. I was eager to try to capture more leaps into the air, to get a different perspective. We walked down the High Street and I saw a perfect opportunity. I managed to catch two birds ,Rhianna and the clock in one frame and I called it SpaceTime.

The Angel Hotel

Next location that I wanted to capture was the Angel Hotel whose story goes back to the Middle Ages. I wanted to photograph this Surrey’s very special piece of history in an elegant way. Rhianna changed into her black tutu, and she tried some elegant poses and stunningly showcased this unique setting. I then came up with an idea of Rhianna smelling a rose in front of the Secret Garden florist and drinking coffee in one of the cutest cafe in Guildford (well, in my opinion:-) the Coffee Culture. Thank you to the owners of Secret Garden and Coffee Culture for being so nice and letting us to take these shots.

Guildford Castle

Next destination to explore was Guildford Castle. As we were walking up the High Street and Rhianna was wearing her beautiful tutu I asked her if she could show me one more elegant jump, again with the clock as a back drop, and after 3 jumps we got a hero shot. Happy me:-)

Guildford Castle and its surroundings are a perfect place to me to relax after a day of shopping in Guildford. I just love to sit there on the bench, especially in the Spring and Summer. It had been built shortly after the 1066 invasion of England by William the Conqueror. We discovered a few spots with interesting light around the Castle and I’m delighted how Rhianna’s beautiful poses compliment this special place.

Thank you to my model Rhianna for the amazing time and for helping me to photograph Guildford in a different, special way.

Hope you enjoy this gallery.


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