Magda Hoffman Photography was awarded Licentiateship in Photography

Licentiateship in Photography

I can’t believe it has already been a year since my last post here. Time flies too fast and somehow life seems to be even busier than before. It is my second year now into photographing dancers. I have been a proud member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography for a few years now. This year I have decided to apply for the Licentiateship. I carefully selected my images from the dance series and last month I received the successful results. I am proud to be a qualified SWPP member now. Thank you to all dancers who participated in my project and created these beautiful images with me, Stefanos Dimoulas, Jessica Tuzin, Camille Bracher, Sander Blommaert, William Davolls, Myriam Tsehay, Isabelle Bosher, Tala Lee-Turton and Zoe Arshamian. Here is the panel of the images that was my successful submission.

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